Recycling at the Solid Waste Facility

There are a number of items that can be easily recycled. Residents are asked to rinse containers, remove caps and place items in the appropriate bins. Please view our list of alternative non-profit services that may accept items for recycling which are not accepted at our facility.


Aluminum – We accept aluminum cans (e.g. beverage cans, some cat food cans), foil, and pie plates. Hint: aluminum will not hold a magnet but steel will. Use a magnet to be sure it is aluminum. If the magnet doesn't stick, it is aluminum. Rinse clean. Can be crushed.

Anti-Freeze – Homeowner generated anti-freeze only. Do not mix with gasoline or other liquids. 

Automotive Batteries - Car, truck and marine batteries are accepted for recycling. See attendant for assistance.

Brush: Brush smaller than 4 inches is accepted. For clean wood waste larger than 4 inches, please see attendant. 

Cardboard and Boxboard – Thick, brown cardboard including cardboard boxes, boxboard, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, and brown paper bags.

Cooking Oil: used vegetable oil. Oils accepted for recycling include: peanut, olive, corn, vegetable, soy and other cooking oils.

Fluorescent Bulbs – All sizes and types. See attendant for assistance. There may be a fee for some items

Glass – All glass is acceptable. Mix cups, windows, mirrors, bottles, ceramics, Pyrex, containers, and leaded glass. Rinse clean, remove caps or covers. Please, NO light bulbs or tubes (see instructions below).

Mixed Paper – If it rips…it is paper. Junk mail, magazines, soft cover books, phone books, notebook paper, newspaper, inserts, computer print outs, envelopes(with or without) windows, laser printed paper, scratch paper, colored office papers, letterhead papers, folded brochures, carbonless forms, fax paper, business forms, sorted direct mail, checks, xerographic paper, pamphlets, bond paper and NCR, CARBONLESS. Staples and small paper clips are ok.

Plastic – We accept ALL plastic containers with numbers 1 through 7. (No foam cups, plates, or packing material due to lack of storage for the materials) Please rinse, clean, and remove caps. Please be aware that our on-site signs do not indicate this change. New signs have been ordered but are taking longer to receive than expected so if you could please spread the word, it would be greatly appreciated.

Rechargeable Batteries – Rechargeable Only (Ni-Cd, Li-Ion, Ni-MH, Small Sealed Pb-Acid and Mercury Button Cell). Regular household alkaline batteries are considered solid waste. Please place these batteries in with your regular trash.

Scrap Metal: The City of Lebanon will take residential scrap metals only. White goods, such as washing machines, dryers, stove, and water heaters are accepted at no charge.

Steel Cans – Includes any bi-metal can that is empty, dry and clean such as tuna fish cans, cat food cans, and other food cans. 

Textiles - clean and dry clothing, blankets, sheets, towels, curtains, mittens, gloves, purses, coats, socks, stuffed animals and belts. We can also accept shoes, including sneakers and boots, but please bag them separately from clothing. Place the textiles in clear or colored plastic bags and make sure they are clean, dry and not mildewed. The entire load can be rejected if the textiles are not clean and dry. 

Used Books – Hard and soft cover books are accepted for reuse and recycling. Please place on the book shelf.

Used Motor Oil - Home owner generated motor oil only. Do not mix with gasoline or antifreeze. Limit 2 gallons per trip.

Yard Waste: grass clippings, leaves and garden waste only.


FREON UNITS AND APPLIANCES: Refrigerators, air conditioners and dehumidifiers are accepted for a fee. Microwave ovens are also accepted for a fee.  

TANKS: 1 lb and 20 lbs propane tanks and fire extinguishers are also accepted for a fee. 

ELECTRONICS: Computer monitors, lap tops, televisions, flat screen TVs, and CPUs are accepted for recycling. Monitors and TVs are accepted for a fee. Please see the scale house attendant for specifics. 

FLUORESCENT BULBS and TUBES: Residential quantities no fee, commercial quantities will be assessed a fee.

REMEMBER.... If you are not recycling, you are throwing it all away.